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"When my mother passed away we called Affordable Mortuary and they were very kind and compassionate. We didn't want a lot of extra fuss and they were very understanding of that. They were professional and took care of all of the paperwork quickly and efficiently. Thank you for providing such great service to my family during this emotional time."


"Through the hardest experience of life, surviving the loss of someone whom you love with all of your heart, the wonderful people at Affordable Mortuary were kind, considerate, patient and wonderful. They made the process a little bit less painful when every bit counts."


"Handling everything that follows after loosing a loved one can be a stressful and emotional time. Affordable Mortuary has made everything as easy as it can be. Very grateful for all their help."


"A very difficult time was made so much better by the knowledgeable and kind staff. I didn't have any information or prior experience and was overwhelmed with the prospect of making all the decisions. With staff assistance I was able to plan and be comforted that I made the right choice for my mother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."